Exmoor Estates

Shooting on Exmoor Estates

Feathered Game Shooting

Depending on the time of year, Highercombe can offer mini driven days of up to 100 birds – predominantly pheasant and duck but with occasional partridge, woodcock and snipe, too.

Teams of 6 guns are normal but any number, from 4 to 8 guns, can be accommodated.

It is helpful if guns can provide their own 4x4 transport but if this is not possible please notify us in advance. If required, loaders/professional instructors are available – call for prices.

The day will include refreshments and lunch or dinner, depending on your requirements.

Price: £28.00 per bird (inc. VAT @ 20%)

Most teams will shoot cartridges at three to one – or up to five to one on the high duck later in the season.

Partridge 1st September - 1st Febuary

Pheasent 1st october - 1st Febuary

Woodcock 1st October - 31 January

Common Snipe 12th August - 31st January

Ducks (in land) 1st September - 31st January

Simulated Game Shooting

Tom provides what many believe are the best and most varied simulated-game lay-outs on Exmoor.

The varied topography of Highercombe allows for the simulation of several different kinds of shooting – pheasant, partridge, duck, pigeon and grouse.

A typical day would run like this:
09.15 a.m.  Assemble for coffee and briefing
10.15 a.m.  1st Drive – partridge
11.15 a.m.  2nd Drive – pheasant
12.15 p.m.  3rd Drive – flighting duck (from hides)
13.15 p.m. Lunch
14.30 p.m. 4th Drive – pigeon (from hides)
15.30 p.m. 5th Drive – grouse (from butts)

16.30 p.m. Refreshments at Highercombe.

No dress-code. Fibre wads only. Normally, guns should expect to use 300/400 cartridges.

Price: £1600.00 per day (inc. VAT @ 20%) for a team of up to 8 guns.

To include 3000 clays, refreshments and, if required, a sixth drive at an additional cost of £200 – this would need 24 hours notice.

Larger teams can be catered for at an additional cost, although this would require some or all guns (up to 16) to double up.

It is helpful if guns can provide their own 4x4 transport but if this is not possible please notify us in advance. If required felt-wad cartridges and loaders/ instructors are available – call for prices.

The varied shooting does require experienced and confident shots. The day would not be suitable for novice guns.

Open season for simulated game Febuary - October.

Corporate Days

For groups of up to 16 people, Exmoor Estates can provide a clay-shooting experience with stands of varying degrees of difficulty, depending on the shooting abilities of the group. Tuition and guidance is available, plus the supply of all necessary equipment, guns, ammunition and relevant insurances and legal documentation.

Call to discuss your requirements, to hear what is available and for prices.